greed, greed and more greed

I've been incredibly frustrated by the corporate world's response to the current economic crises (this includes most Republicans in my view). Their inability, unwillingness and self-interested obstinacy in the face of much-needed changes in their expectations and behavior has both appalled me and confounded me. what's up with these supposedly smart folks that they can't see the results, both material and psychological of their refusal to change?

well, it's Pluto in Cap, remember?! this is about power! who's the biggest, baddest, most controlling guy on the block? why, Hades, of course and the rest of you can just drop dead for all he cares.

once this concept got through my own thick skull (Pluto in Cap can be most incredibly dense and stubborn, btw ;-) it made sense. They feel they have the power, because they have had the power all these years. what's ironic is that it's that type of thinking that will bring the entire system down (which if GM goes, the rest will drop like a well-laid-out domino pattern). If the corporate world could just make a few, fundamental changes, they could pull out. meanwhile, life goes on and people and institutions that can make those changes are going to flourish. (think dinosaurs versus mammals after the great asteroid strike).

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Yuri Romanov said...

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