Happy New Year to you. I have changed the look of this page as part of my resolution to blog more often, with less trepidation and more confidence, and on a wider range of astrological topics.

as my little grandson is about to celebrate his first year birthday, I've been thinking about solar return charts. this is a simple technique of forecasting for the coming year; you cast a chart for the exact degree of the native's sun at birth, then interpret the chart as you would a natal chart. you do not need to look at contacts or aspects with the natal chart.

I have found that the sun and moon seem to be the most relevant contacts, but close aspects between either of these and other planets or angles can also be indicative of strong energies for the coming year.

having done this for my grand-baby, his coming year is all about expanding his relationships and lots of dealing with the larger society (6 planets in Aquarius!). while this seems pretty silly and obvious for a 1 yr old, try it for yourself and see if it gives you some new information about the energies occurring around you. (this is for the year beginning on your birthday - for those of you celebrating this spring on summer, you'll probably need to wait awhile)

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