mars/uranus opposition

there's a lot of good stuff out there about this already (astrotabletalk as always) but another manifestation of this aspect is the horrible tragedy on K2 in which 11 (or maybe 12) climbers have died as the result of a freak accident.

there was a collapse of an ice pillar that held fixed ropes high up on the mountainside to aid the climbers across an ice field. an avalanche swept most of the climbers away. this type of highly technical climbing fits exactly with the mars in virgo signature, while the collapse of the ice is equally well described by uranus in pisces -- a sudden, natural event with radical consequences.

this opposition is about bringing together the precision and careful analysis of the mars in virgo energies for the purpose of creating new things in nature. but it is a very powerful energy and can easily go awry or get out of control. watch the news over the next few days for additional manifestations of this erratic aspect.

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