UAC: Day 2

today's post is the result of a discussion I had at lunch today with some other conference attendees. it gives a bit of the flavor of the wide-ranging interactions that are going on this week in Denver.

saturn turned direct about 2 weeks ago, and is moving toward an opposition with uranus later this year. these two planets will oppose one another through the end of the US presidential campaigns, the election and inauguration of our 45th president. but closer in time, we have just had two catastrophic natural events that i believe presage this opposition: the cyclone that hit Myanmar and the 7.9 earthquake that occurred in Chengdu, China. what might these two disasters tell us about the upcoming Saturn/Uranus opposition?

casting Myanmar as saturn is not too big a stretch. we are watching as the repressive, xenophobic military junta is controlling the distribution and direction of the very stuff of life: food, water, shelter and safely. relief efforts have been unnecessarily slow and constrained, and are resulting in the deaths of potentially hundreds of thousands of people, and the risk to the security of a million or more. the coldness and stern refusal of the authorities in accepting international help is breath-taking. the misery and suffering is heart-breaking.

casting China as Uranus may be a bigger stretch for you. historically conservative, inaccessible to foreigners, and forbidding, China appears to be the perfect saturnian state. so why do I see it at the uranian side of the coming opposition? because of the response by the Chinese leader Hu, the military and the government media, they have mobilized the entire country, accepted aid from the international community and has show great compassion for their citizens. they have provided unlimited media coverage, 24/7 (this in contrast again, to Myanmar where journalists are being smuggled into the country at great risk of discovery by the authorities). China has awakened, and is shifting consciousness before our eyes. very uranian.

Chinese soldiers providing earthquake relief

while most of us are watching the US presidential election, which, btw, will take place on the day the saturn/uranus opposition is exact, other events help us to understand the significance of this aspect.

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Dru said...

might this be an indication that world press opinion is making repressive regimes aware that if they want to survive they admits abit of face. It amazes myself that the midwest was wiped from the face of the earth and we have heard bib. This just proved that jim knows jane or jim's wife knows helen and it took 24 hrs to get the whole community together and solved the whole problem and cost the US taxpayer 1.25. Just Curious.