cancer moon baby

the little grandson has arrived! and, he has a cancer moon inconjunct neptune in aquarius.

astrology is such a rich symbolic language; cancer rules nutrition and food, and the moon signifies the mother (among many other tangible and intangible meanings). neptune can signify the public, impersonal things in life, or the public arena. it can also indicate difficulty achieving something, or a lack of something due to its dissolving and dissipating nature.

for this little boy, it meant that his feeding had to be supplemented by donor breast milk while his mother recovered from a c-section. his nurture/nutrition (cancer) could not be satisfied by his own mother (moon inconjunct neptune) so he had to go to donor milk, provided by anonymous mothers, all mixed together and kept in a modern 'milk bank' (neptune in aquarius).

this is one of several indications that this little aquarian will benefit from modern technology; he was due to arrive when the sun was still in capricorn, but was breech, and required a c-section to be delivered, allowing him to enter only after the sun had moved into aquarius. this suggests to me that souls do know what they want!

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