waiting for the baby...

this is not really one of those first-person blogs, but my private life has been absorbing most of my attention these days.

my daughter is about to have her first child, but the path to birth has been fraught with frustration and anxiety as the baby boy is breech and refuses to flip over properly, even with some rather appalling external manipulation done in the hospital, and headstands by the mother-to-be. sigh.

instead, she has scheduled a caesarian on the day the sun moves into aquarius --an aquarian caesarian. rather fitting for the techno-crazy, a-biologic water bearer sign dontcha think? what has also caught my eye, however, is she will have her ceres return (in taurus) a few days before the scheduled surgery, while the sun remains in capricorn. lots of earth.

soooooo.... we are hoping that he will slide into place and come the natural way, as the celestial body that rules motherhood becomes prominent in her chart.

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