Being in the world

I went to my local Shambhala Center this morning to meditate - actually to receive some instruction on meditation as it has been years since I've practiced this. There was a lot of history and background on the center provided, and then questions from my fellow instructees that our meditation teacher answered, and then we went into one of the shrine spaces and sat meditation for about 30 minutes or so.

well, call me crazy, but it was after this brief meditation that I began to think about what it means to be in this world. to be alive in this universe, as this type of creature. I kept thinking, "I'm not a squirrel". it's not like I have a role in the ecosystem, like a particular plant or animal. I don't behave instinctually. theoretically, I have something called consciousness, and possibly even Free Will. What does it mean for me to be in this world? do I have purpose, or is it completely random that I am here in this space and time?

it was a pretty weighty question to arise from a mere 10-15 minutes of meditation, let me tell you!

so what does this have to do with astrology, you're wondering? well, I'm not sure, but there seems to be some connection with the basic question I've posed above and the human need for systems-of-meaning, of which astrology is one (for me anyway). given that I am not a squirrel, my consciousness requires some kind of meaningful context within which to live; something in between instinct and... enlightenment, I guess. astrology provides this grounding: it is both practical and useful (like instinct) but also is a portal to the infinite connectedness of all things in our universe. I find this both satisfying and comforting.

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Dru said...

Well being a rat I can understand the fact that a contribution to society in general might be more myth than reality. Deep thought into the matter is a subject that rats don't contimplate often. As a rat I'm more worried about food and the expansion of my family. Now to solve these issues I have to be cunning and amoral. Who would think that a rat would have morals in the first place? But we have standards in our fellow rat community that we have to follow. We protect our young and help our fellow rats, it is a known fact that we are the most viscous bunch of mammels on the planet. Wolves pale in comparisont. we will eat anything and kill our enemy's. From a metaphysical sense we are in the dark cellar of life but from a human adaptation we live in this society. Loners and scavangers we survive and are not affected by emotions that others are. Not to be confused that we are not perplexed by everyday society just to say we are below it.